Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kung fu.

There was a parent and kids day at BZ's kungfu class last Friday. Both Mr. H and I participated. It was really interesting and fun. Not to mention muscle challenging too. I've got to thank the month long 'insanity' exercise program that I did, caused it really helped me through. 5 years ago I can confidently say, I would not be able to do even 1/3 of the exercises they did.

I still have sore muscles but at least I feel good that we did it. BZ was particularly happy - she wanted to see how mommy and daddy could go through the movements. :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Last day

Another weekend is slowly coming to an end here. *boohoo* :( For me, ski break is over. So back to work tomorrow. But today was great. We went to watch a theater play called Vuk - which is a Hungarian children story about a little fox. It was a little bit than an hour but we didn't feel since it was that good.

After the play we went to Szeraj, which is a rather popular Turkish restaurant here in Budapest. The food was great the place was clean and the atmosphere was friendly. What more do you need?? :)

The last activity for me was to meet an ex-colleague. Coffee, chit chat, and shopping - Checked out a classic Traveler Guitar
, and bought a few drugstore lipsticks (I'm obsessed when it comes to lipstick). That's how my day ended. Soon time to sleep and the daily routine of work, home, sleep will commence. A little sad, but I'm happy to get back to work.


BZ went for a drawing competition. District level. She got 3rd place in her group age. I don't how many kids entered though. However, I do know that with this, it means she is qualified to go to the City level.

Her teacher enrolled her last year and she got 5th place. This year hopefully better. Well, if she does good we are happy, if not still happy. She is going for her school after all.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Holiday - a mom is never off duty.

I was thinking for a title for my blog post when the title of Akshay Kumar's (Bollywood actor) upcoming movie came to mind - Holiday: a soldier is never off duty. Well, so do mothers too. :p Because even though it's my day off from work, besides the housework I still need to care for a sick child. There go my plans.

 I was hoping to send my broken jewelleries to be fixed. And maybe get then to make a pair of earrings custom made - got a few  design ideas from from . I don't like the designs they have here. Sorry to say that there aren't many choices here. Fortunately, I managed to do a little shopping by myself on Sunday yesterday for a couple of hours at a nearby shopping center.

Well good thing I am off work when BZ got sick. If not I'd be pretty worried at the workplace knowing she is sick. Though of course grandma is there, but I never got to be with her when she is sick. So am not really complaining... :)
Hope she gets well soon.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Copy master

Perhaps I have never mentioned before that I can draw pretty ok. (Bz got her drawing skills from me :p ) However, I only can copy well. As long as there's a picture, I can copy. But not from memory. Too bad. Maybe I just need to practice more.

Sunday, February 02, 2014


BZ has been away with grandma for almost a week now since it is school break in public schools and both of us are working. So we got to chillax a little bit. Which is much needed since  both Mr. H and I aren't in top condition.

 For the past week, I've been either, taking walks after work when I am well enough, or lying in bed listening to music when I'm not. After the whole day with children, it's a pleasant change to either  go for quiet walks - during winter, not many people so it was great. I was at the fisherman bastion, hence the picture. Also listening to some classical music - which reminds me I need to get new headphones. Looking at the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro at guitar center. I have to change headphones every couple months. Guess, one high priced one that would last me longer would be a good idea. All that said... Life is good. I'm still sick but I'm not complaining. :)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Caring for the birds

Not only do these things look nice in the garden but it is a way to take care of the birds during winter -  bird houses and seeds. :)
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