Sunday, August 14, 2005

Somethings I'm doing.

As I've mentioned earlier on in one of my posts, I've started learning Hungarian. So far so good, but it took a lot of concerntration. Don't ask me to speak hungarian right now though. But at least I can understand the basic grammar rules. Thus far, I've been studying the Hungarian language for nearly a week. Ehehehe... I hope I won't lag after sometime. I usually do that. But I made it a point at least in 2 days, I have to open my hungarian lessons. I've made it up to that.

Furthermore last night, I realized that my maths are just too bad. I just don't remember when I ever did a calculation beyond addition and subtract. And very slow at them too... :( I get confused. I think I stopped doing any complicated calculations ever since I stopped highschool and entered University. At the University I took up Law. So it's more reading than calculating. So.... today went and bought a maths book. A highschool maths book to revise and polish my maths. As far as can remember, I was not so good in Maths. I've always had a phobia for numbers. And it made me dizzy looking at a book filled with numbers and equations. I have the time now... I want to face my fears of numbers.

Learning Hungarian and taking up on the maths are just the first step of my long term plan. I really want this plan of mine to work. I just can't afford not to do well. I had the opportunity and I blew it, still have the time so I wouldn't want to blew it this time again. I lacked on so many stuff as a teenager, and missed on a lot of emotional support as well. Now that I have some compensation on them, it's still not to late to start back.

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