Friday, August 05, 2005

What happened few days back....

After such a long period of proscrastination, I finally decided to really become serious on learning Hungarian. DH has been hinting on it for such a long time that I need some kind of activity to do at home. Learn Something!! he says. Apparently he is not the kind of guy who is satisfied that the wife is at home not learning something. Well, I'm learning to cook new dishes. But he says, something that can create value later whenever I want to start working. It irritates me whenever he gives me this kind of lecture. It irritates me even more knowing what he said was true...

Last Saturday, I just came back from Johor Bharu. Nothing much of a difference since the time I've been there in May. My brother, Peter, is expecting a baby boy in September. This is going to be his second. I just hope that he can cope with this new addition. My father has been the same. Always the hard headed, old guy. Not that I don't love him, but he is just way to selfish at times. Thinking of himself all the time. And very difficult to reason with.

After coming back from Johor Bharu. Life was the same old routine. Seemed like as if we never left. DH had a new look though. Since we had a long conversation on how he would like to change his appearence. Well, I offered to become his consultor. Heh, not that I don't need one myself! So I suggested that he shave off part of his beard and leave the goaty. I mean just the lower part of the beard and not the moustache. He was a bit uncomfortable about it in the first place. But honestly I think he looks more younger looking and with a little bit of beard he left on, he look matured also at the same time. I like it! I told him to leave his hair to grow (he always crop his hair) and also perhaps to dye his hair. Heh, first we chose golden blonde. Turned out well, but he wasn't very keen on the colour. He looked scandinavian. But guess what, he got a call for and interview for a job. DH felt that the colour looks cool, but it doesn't potray him as a professional. So again we went to the pharmacy to get a new hair dye. This time we chose dark brown. And voila! it turned out well too. This time DH really loved it. I will post his new look later.

So, at this particular moment DH is on his way for the interview. I don't really know what company it is from. But it is a position for a Regional Export manager. Hmm... we don't put high hopes on this. It would be great if the offer is a good one and he is offered the job. But if it isn't, he'd rather stick to the old one. Seems like there's nothing to lose and worth the try.

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