Sunday, August 07, 2005

Yoo hoo!

Went out with DH. Just for the sake of being out of the house. Very warm these days. Took some pictures... and see what I found while walking.

Sweet.... Perhaps can buy a rollerball pen ink refill and insert it in and turn it to a writting quill. Is that what they call it? Feathers they used to make pens, quill?

Been coughing a lot lately. Wasn't well last week. Had a mild flu. Perhaps because of the weather. Very hazy these days due to the burnings in Sumatra island. That's what I was told.
Hopefully I get over with this cough soon.

Today got a pict of DH on his favourite past time. Times that is forbidden for me to disturb him (besides when he is sleeping). Reading "Doraemon". He he he... macho reading Doraemon. Well, he wants to learn malay language. And reading a comic book in malay made it more interesting to learn. It's fine with me.

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