Tuesday, October 18, 2005

About nothing

Just feel like posting something here tonight. My dear hubby has been sleeping for about an hour or so. As usual, I'll be up until wee hours in the morning. Fortunately I'm not working. So I can still catch some sleep in the day time.

So I was reminiscing (hope I spelt that correctly), on the good old days. Remembering the times I was in highschool. Remembering my mother. I can still imagine how she looked like. Her voice, he laughter, the way she looked at us...So vividly. Hard to think that she is no more with us. Makes me feel, perhaps, a person would never really die away, if we still remember them in our minds and hearts. I guess to me, she will always live through me. Because I'm her daughter. Something of her which I am carrying within me.Then again, with the baby that I'm carrying now, I'll be passing the same thing. A part of me to her. And I will live through her, when I'm no longer around.

It's very suprising to think how much I've gone through. Looking at my life in a bird's eye view. I'm just 25. I feel that our lives are divided into many stages or phases. From baby, to childhood, to teenager, then the phase where I left home and work to be independent, then the phase where I got married, and now I'm going into a phase of parenthood. All happened within 25 years. Perhaps there's another 2-3 more phases to go through in this life. And then, as my hubby said, we would just be in pictures, in an album or photoframes which someday would be forgotten. He he he he. Funny also to think about it, with all the worries, troubles, heartache of losing something or somebody, when life is just like a short novel with many chapters. And that's it.

Thinking about this, I feel that, perhaps it would be a waste of time to fill up the novels of our lives with regrets and sorrows. When we should be busy, filling it up with achievements and happy moments with our love ones. It was wise old Buddha who said, "The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." Nothing more truthful can be said in such a beautiful way.

Huh, quite an inspiring post for me today. :p Ain't life just too beautiful and precious??

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