Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Been thinking about this last night.Actually, it has been on my mind for quite some time already. Need to share it with somebody.I Had some kind of disagreement with some people close to me. I wanted to forgive. Despite the fact that I was really disappointed and hurt many times by these people I could still go on along with them,as if nothing had happened. Though I am the type of person who always had difficulties in masking my true emotions. Till there are times I wish not to meet these people anymore or have nothing to do with them. Is it subconsciously I am not forgiving them? Or just I am trying to avoid them to protect myself from being hurt again? What you people think? I really do want to forgive. Though I know forgiving is attainable but to forget... it's hard. I do not want the anger, bitterness, dislike to build up in my subconscience and finally poisoning myself instead. Is it justifiable to avoid them for the sake of protecting myself from being hurt again? Please give some comments on this.

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