Friday, May 05, 2006

A real update finally!

I didn't post much here lately I know. What have I been doing all the while then? Busy? nah not really. 2 days no internet. Something wrong with my phone line. Just today a couple of guys came in to do some repairs. Apparently something wrong with the wiring. So they had to put up another one. Besides that, I've been spending more time on other things actually. Such as playing with Bonnie. Catching up with my reading. So far I've already finished reading 2 novels. Now on my third. Plus, reading some other books regarding health. So I've been keeping myself busy with reading.

Bonnie is getting more and more attached to me by the day. Nowadays getting harder to leave her in her chair while I do some work. She would allow me to let her be alone just for some minutes and she'll set the alarm off with her loud crying. Thus, most of the time I had to be with her. Either holding her or singing to her. Even while cooking I had to sing and entertain her. Not easy being a mother. I must admit there were times when her crying really drove me up the wall. Nevertheless, I enjoy being a mother. And her smiles and laughter made me happy and feel worthwhile.

Oh yeah, yesterday, officially I reached my pre-pregnancy weight. yiepiee.. 55 kg back within 4 and half months. Not bad, not bad at all I might add. Though it is just a mini goal. I've yet to reach the big goal. I am proud of myself and my reaching the mini goal encouraged me to try harder to reach the bigger one.

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