Friday, June 16, 2006

I had a virus II

Bonnie chatting with mommy.

Became tired and slept.
Came back to the hotel, suddenly Bonnie noticed her feet. She just could not take her eyes off of them. Struggled to put her foot into her mouth. Now, according to old malay belief, when a baby starts putting her foot into her mouth, it's a sign that she wants a younger baby brother or sister soon. Though, experts says that it is a way baby learns about her world. By putting things that she is studying into her mouth. Then there'll be a stage she will stop doing this and start learning through her hands. I'd go for the experts opinion. Pheww... no more babies for me for at least 4-5 years.

My old school

Used to be a field here. That building was not there, my time. Don't know what building that is.

The bus-stop where I used to wait for the bus to go back home. Looks the same as 9 years ago. Sure brings back the nostalgia.

Alright, those are some pictures I'd like to share. Extra news. Bonnie just had her first tooth! Last Friday, while watching tv, she was sitting on my lap when she felt like chewing my thumb. That's when I felt something hard on her lower front gum. I took a peek and there it was. The tooth. So cute... No picture for now though because she wouldn't let me take picture. She covers it up with her tongue. I am quite sure another tooth will come out next within this 2-3 days. :)

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