Thursday, June 15, 2006

I had a virus

After one month of deliberate dissapearance, finally I am back. I must apologize to all my good friends who came in faithfully to check for an update on my blog. I was quite sick. I had a virus. No, not the H5N1 virus (thank God), the "M" virus. "Malas" virus. This is the longest virus attack I had so far. Futhermore, I was quite busy with my daughter, Bonnie who refused to take daytime naps without me with her, and would cry as soon as I dissapear from her sight. I usually would be able to have some personal quality time when she sleeps at night, but I was too tired even to type something in here.
Anyway, enough with the "reasons". Here are the updates. Last month on wesak day 12th of May, we, andrew(my husband), Bonnie and I, went to Sg.Petani. Just for a couple of days. We went to visit some friends and my brother. On the 13th of May, a saturday, we went to Penang. Just driving around to the places where andrew and I went about 7 years ago, when we were dating. Oh my how young I was then, only 19. :)
We went to Kek Lok Si temple as well. There was a Bronze Kuan Yin Statue, which was not there when Andrew and I were there. If I am not mitaken this statue was completed in 2002.

It was so beautiful. At the moment they are building additional pillars around it. So once they are completed, it is going to look something like this.

Here are the guards.

To be continued.....

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