Monday, October 09, 2006

Bonnie girl eating her favourite biscuit in her new high-chair. :) It's a good feeling to have her sitting there while we eat. Seems like she is no longer a little baby. She is her own person. Anyways, can't help feeling a little bit melancholic too, knowing that she is growing up. Huu, I miss her as a little newborn.*sniff sniff*

The mischievous one, playing under mummy's pc table. This is what she does when ever mommy is at the pc. Nowadays, since she can crawl, where ever she goes she will leave a trail of mess. Can even open the drawers and pull out the things inside it. Take out drop, take out drop. Then go on to the next mischief. Later when I go to clean up the mess, she would stop what ever she's doing to look at me doing the cleaning up, then she would come back to "clean" again. As if she liked the way she did it. Bertuah punya anak. he he he.

I did some scanning of old pictures from my father. Presenting, grandparents of Bonnie Zuleikha.

Bonnie girl's granpa when he was in his 20's. Did he look indian? handsome tak? heh heh.

Bonnie girl's grandma. When she was 16. Jangan memain rambut style woo... anak2 semua tak pandai stylo milo ni, rambut selebet. hik hik hik. Hai, miss you mom.

That is all for today. I will paste some more old pics tomorrow. :D

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