Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bye bye Malaysia, Hungary here I come

Yes, I'm leaving the country. Going to a new place, new culture, a new life. I'm leaving for Budapest, Hungary. I'm having mixed feelings. Sad, of course, excited, a little bit, worried, yes that too. But hey, Home is where the heart lies. And my heart is with my husband and daughter. So if it is to the end of the world, still it's home as long as they are there with me.

One month more for us to enjoy the nice warm weather. God knows how I would cope the weather there. How would I cope in a new culture, coping up living nearby with in laws this time. I've a little regret for leaving my father. But then he never was really there for me somehow when I needed him most. I still love him very much and going to miss him a lot. However I won't leave behind just for him. He wanted me to think 20-30 times to go there so far from family if anything happens I can not come home. My sister told me I should prepare myself with enough money so if anything goes wrong there, I can come back.Geez, negative thinking people huh? Expecting me to screw up with my husband or what? It's not I'm the only person who marries a foreigner and need to leave the country to stay thousands miles away. Yes, true, I still have to be prepared, but why not be happy for me instead and pray that things will go well? Hmm...

I'm trying to keep positive for what the future has in store for us. Finally a real family? Finally there are people who are genuinely concerned? instead of just talking more and acting less. I do hope so. At least Bonnie will have a grandma there, who would take her away from us for a couple of hours. ( She can really drive us up the wall sometimes). At least, hb can take care of his mother and uncle and grandma, so they have someone who is young to rely on.

We don't really know yet where we are going to stay. There's a friend of hb who offered a small house with a garden. Don't ask me the name of the place, I can't even pronounce it yet to write it down! :) And his uncle also wants us to live with him. He has a big place, about 5 rooms and his staying alone. He was sick and went into depression many times. Hb considered that it was a good idea, since his uncle was one of the deciding factors for us to go back to hungary. But who knows? both has pros and cons.

Okay, this is all I have to say about our move at the moment. Will update more when I have the time.

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