Saturday, December 30, 2006

More story

Yesterday, nearly the whole day we were out shopping at Midvalley. Damn tired. In a week we go out shopping 2-3 times.If short period of time, fine. But usually from morning to evening. Plus if only the 2 of us, is okay, but with Bonnie she becomes irritated easily.One thing I really hate about shopping malls. Every shop blast away their own music. Can you imagine the noise? But then what can I do? My father doesn't own the place, so I can't do anything much about it.LOL With aidil adha around the corner, school holidays and sales... so many people are out shopping. Why can't they just stay at home? So I can survey easily? LOL Maybe they are thinking the same when they look at me. ahahahahaha

Evening, hubby went for a wedding of his friend's brother.Malay guy married to a Canadian lady. Bonnie and I stayed at home. Tired. Further, pity her, already night and she's still a baby. Good excuse for me for not going LOL. He went just wearing casual clothes. Shirt and slacks. Reached there he saw people wearing "baju melayu" he he he. He called me just to tell he was embarrased because he was different and he wants to come back. LOL REally like a kid sometimes. It's normal my dear.... you are a european, nobody expects you to wear a baju melayu. But he stayed after he met his friend. :D

Then a good friend, an ex collegue came to visit. A Malayali indian. Anita's her name. Seriously sometimes I feel difficult to fine a good malay friend who can be as nice as Anita. We chatted quite a long time. While chatting she said, my tummy is flat... wah wah... the 4th person to notice. I was in the air for a while. LOL She asked me what I did. I don't know. I think because of the fasting month. But after fasting month I felt I ate quite a lot. But maybe once it's flattened up, it's easier to maintain. Maybe.... And maybe I'm lucky because I didn't get any stretch marks when I was pregnant. I really feel that I'm much slimmer now compared to before I had Bonnie. Maybe I ate little but I feel as if I ate a lot.

Hubby came back at 11 plus. Anita and I was still chatting. He came back and joined in. After midnight Anita left. We don't mind because we sleep quite late these days. Further more, it's not always that she come visiting. She will be one of those people that I will really miss once we move.

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