Sunday, January 21, 2007

The heat is on

Just updating this blog. I was busy updating the other one. Hee... I don't know why I feel happier updating the other one. I'm feeling moody a bit, thinking of leaving my family and friends behind. Very frustrated I become to think of the future.Actually the reason I made another blog was to cheer myself up. To remind me that there is always things to be happy about in life to help us forget the sadness. It works, actually so far. :)

Latest update, shipment still not done yet.It'll be done once we manage to sell of the cars. Have to settle the income tax. Sigh, another thing, about govt. servants. Sorry to say, real saddenning. Stuck up one thing, maybe because she/he thinks that they are working with the govt, we cannot have our say, if we complain they will do the work sloooowly. As it is they work at snail speed.One week after another he said he would call, but didn't. We call up, not only we were put on hold, then pass from one person to another. From weeks it became months. So much so, when we talk about doing something regarding the govt, we always relate it with the unsatisfactoring work they do. Go to lunch at 12 pm on the dot. No one will be around to pick up the phone to answer inquiries. They are supposed to ask one person to go later to stay back then go to lunch once somebody else gets back to the office. Like how many private cos are doing. Lunch for 2 hours. Get back in at 2.45, only at 3 they would answer calls. grrrrrr.. really make my blood boil sometimes. Maybe not all are like that, but many are.

That's all for the complaining session today. Tomorrow we're heading for the Tax office. Have to see face to face, talk on the phone, after putting down the phone they forget. They are like a nail that must be knocked down, then only they go in the wood. :D

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