Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Update.

Before christmas they other day, we called up a few International movers. Asking for the quatation to send things back to Budapest. 2 days ago we received the quotation. Only one company responded promptly. About RM 9 K needed. Only for 5 cubicmeters. Damn expensive! 1 container would cost RM 20-30 K I suppose. This including services of packing up and door to door service. We asked how to make it cheaper. Cut cost, packing we do ourselves, so they only pick the things from the house to the port and send to Budapest. Reach there, the shipping co will send us a notice and we will rent a local mover to pick up our things. The new quotation was RM 4 K. Wow, a big decrease.

Further more ,we've already done a lot of packing while waiting for their responds, so why ask them to redo it again. The house looks like typhoon aftermath. Every things. Bonnie became easily irritable. She knows something is going on. Further , we didn't have much time for her. Pity her sometimes, annoyed sometimes with her. Made packing work harder sometimes. Nevermind, once all these are done, we can play together again sayang.

Today, she started to become braver to take a few steps on her own. Have a video but need to upload, just need to find where I chucked the usb wire. Another skill she learned, when we ask, "where's bonnie?", she would tap her chest. Heee.. so cute... only prob is, when we ask, "where's mommy?" or "where's daddy?" she would still tap her chest. LOL Perhaps she's confused because mommy, daddy, and bonnie nearly sounds the same. Or she only understands Where is... LOL nevermind at least she started to respond back to show she understand something!A

Anyway, just hope tomorrow we'll be able to get more things done. Now only the small things. Sometimes can't figure out whether to bring or to just give away. Really hard to make decisions sometimes.

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