Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hero's square

We went out my husband and I together, just for a break. We went to the city center, to the Heroes' square. I fell in love with the place.

This square was built in honour of the founders of Hungary. In the middle there you can see the statues of leaders of the tribes in ancient Hungary. By the way, Hungarians call themselves Magyar. They call Hungary, Magyarorszag. (Magyar country)

These are the statues of Hungarian Kings.

This is King István. (Stephan) The first Christian King of Hungary. You can see his face on a 5,000 forint note. :)

I cannot find where the picture of the horses' statues. The horses and the chariots are my favourite. They look so powerful and mighty.

Art museum next to it. They are having a Van Gogh art exhibition at the moment.

Traffic nearby.

Okie, I will update more later about how I feel here.

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