Sunday, March 18, 2007

In Budapest 2

Where was I? When we reached here, then only we could take a deep long breath. Since in Malaysia nearly a month we've been preparing with the packing, advertising to sell our stuffs, sell the car, look for movers etc.

Don't know how to express how I feel. Only one day here, I already feel like going back home. LOL. Just imagine, the first day of shopping for essential things, we went to a small shopping place nearby. While waiting for my mil, choosing things while she was talking to my husband, suddenly there was this lady said something harsh from behind. My husband replied and I could see the seriousness on his face. I saw the lady's face souring. She asked me to move out of the way actually.Well, if you want somebody to give way all you have to do is ask. For 26 years of my life in Malaysia, I've never had that kind of treatment and a day in Hungary I've met people like that. LOL

Facing culture shock of course. Kissing in public nearly everywhere. For a newbie like me, it's really shocking a bit. My eyes can always detect such activities. Mia ha ha ha. :p Well it's something strange and new. aha ha ha ha. Dress style... just wait for the temperature to go a bit high like 10-11 degrees celcius and you can see the women started to show more skin than covering them. Heeee.... apa lah. Kalau time summer entah apa2 lagi benda2 yg menakutkan yg akan kulihat. Ya Allah, lindungi lah pemandangan hambamu ini dari perkara2 yg menakutkan..... Amin. he he he I just wonder who do they dress for? For themselves or just to look good for men. I'd rather be warm. I never seen men showing skin, they wear thicker clothes. I shouldn't care because that's how people live here, it is just that, I really feel uncomfortable. As if people just have no respect for other people around. Kids, old ladies or men. I know not all Hungarian like this kind of things. But as I said some people just don't care how other's feel.

Enough with the complaining...So far with the mil still okayi. Both mil and fil can's speak English. So it was like duck and chicken having conversation. The funny thing was, my mil knows that I can't speak Hungarian but she kept on talking and talking in Hungarian as if I understand. When she asked me, "erted?" "erted?" do you understand? I would answer "nem ertem" don't understand. If I answer I don't understand, She would repeat what she said again but this time louder. Perhaps she thought the louder she speaks the meaning seeps through my skull. Duh, I don't understand not deaf. LOL Now not so much since she is trying to speak in English a bit. My understanding of the language also increased. Same goes to the fil.

After 2 weeks being here, husband's friend who came to invite us from the airport offered me a job as a tutor for her son. 8 year old boy. Heh, finally can make money with this English of mine. :D My best friend, Anita, asked me "how come in Malaysia no one asked me to teach? I said "Malaysians took me for granted, so now I give my knowledge to those who appreciate". LOL yeah.... right... On my first day of tutoring, an acquaintance of our friend was interested to find somebody who can teach conversational English. So now having 2 students. Not bad for a new comer. Only here for a month. Just hope to have more students later on. :)

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