Saturday, March 17, 2007

In Budapest

Been here for more than a month. I really felt like crying earlier first few days, though now I'm fine.

On the 11th of February we left from KLIA at 1 am in the morning. We took a late flight hoping that Bonnie would sleep on the journey. She slept but not to long though because she is not the heavy sleeper type. 13 hours from KL to Vienna. Transit nearly 4 hours. From Vienna to Budapest was not that long, about half an hour. Quite a challenge to travel with an active baby. On the plane she wanted to take a walk... grrr... Eating time, just imagine the hectic situation. LOL She even tried to grab the plate of the guy who was sitting next to me. LOLWhile in Vienna, we had to go around with her, cannot even sit quietly for a minute. We were both, hubby and I, tired and sleepy. While on board the flight to Budapest, we thought we could at least rest a bit, no more running around. Not 5 minutes after take off, Bonnie vomitted. huuuu... nearly the entire flight we were busy cleaning her up. About 10 minutes before landing we could rest a while. But she started to become irritated and we had to work again calming her down. (Nampak gaya jgn harap lah nak naik flight ngan engko lagi Zuleikha woi...besar sikit boleh) We reached Ferihegy Airport, Budapest at 10:30 am. Greeted by family and friends.

Even though it was darn cold, (for a Malaysian like me), no snow to greet us. I don't know what was the temperature then. Maybe 0 degrees. Pity zuleikha she looked suprised and confused. She looked at our faces with questions in her eyes. Suprised of the cold and perhaps the people around. Always see mommy kind of people. Dark skin flat nose. LOL Now surrounded by white skin, sharp nosed people.

Reached the mil's place, we were greeted with happiness. Once inside, then only can take a deep long breath... finally could rest.

to be continued....

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