Sunday, April 08, 2007


Hungarians has their own way of celebrating Easter. Traditionally, the women will stay at home, and cook for the men. We had to boil some eggs and later paint them. We did the easy way. Bought some dye. Boil the eggs. Draw a design using candle. Then drop them in the dye and leave for the colour to soak in.

Here are the eggs that we made for the men guests. I made the red egg with the star for my husband. Guess which one Bonnie made?

Here is Bonnie's basket.

So the celebration goes like this. The women stays at home, while the men goes around visiting, bringing a bottle of perfume with them. They come and approach the ladies and recite a poem that sounds like this.

I was walking by the park,
I saw a flower withering,
I wish to sprinkle it with water,
May I?

If the lady says yes, then he will sprinkle or spray the perfume on her. Boy what a stink fest it was. Imagine all the perfumes mixed together? Can end up being very dizzy at the end of the day. LOL

I was told that in the country side, the don't use perfume sometimes but use bucket of water instead. That's the traditional way.

So there it is, my first Easter in Hungary.

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