Sunday, May 13, 2007

Margit sziget.

Margit sziget, or in English, Margaret Island. It's a tiny island just between Buda and pest. No need any boat to go over though. :DWe went on an excursion there today. It's the place where many Hungarians hang out for family day, for picnics, sometimes even to sunbath by the banks for the island. Just bring your blanket, a book, lie down and read and enjoy the sun. Since it's spring, the weather is just perfect. Really the best season of the year. Everywhere there are these tiny white flowers. I don't know what they are called. Daisies?

This is taken from one of the banks of the island. You can see, that's Pest. You see, Budapest consists of two parts. That is Buda and Pest. That's how they got the name Budapest. Buda is hilly and usually colder. Pest are more flat land. But the city center are mainly in Pest.

There's a tiny zoo there. The children are allowed to feed the deers.

Bonnie was staring more than feeding. Needed some encouragement to make her feed the leaves to the deer.

My favourite tree there. So huge and white. Can see how small the people nearby it.

Look at that naughty baby running around. She really love being out doors.

Walking out of Margit Island we saw these couple meditating. They are from some kind of association.

Anyway that is all, see you next year Margit Island!!

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