Friday, August 24, 2007

Huller family gathering.

Today, is my fil's name day. It's like a birthday. Only thing is, Hungarians have a calendar where there are names to be celebrated on each day. So today those who are named Agoston will be celebrating their name day today. So we had a little family gathering. The Huller family gathering. I was told that we are the only Huller family in Hungary. Reason being, that the surname Huller is not originally from Hungary. My father in law's grandfather was an Austrian.

Anyways, we went to the suburb of Budapest, pestlorinc, where my fil is staying. We were the second ones to reach there. Few minutes later one by one of the guests started to arrive. Not all the Hullers were there.

My father in law's a painter, so here Bonnie is in the process of messing up his work station. I was busy taking picture that she manage to dip her finger in the yellow oil paint there.

The ladies preparing the table.

Food cooking. Hungarian traditional style of cooking stew.

Family picture. :D

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