Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Real update

Bonnie Zuleikha is sleeping, the house is clean, cooked, ate too. Now relaxing for awhile, and write a real update of what had happend in these past few months. Then I will call up my dad.

Last week, on the 18th, Bonnie turned 2. We celebrate it together with his uncle's birthday cause his birthday was on the 16th and it was on a Sunday. Really felt like she grew up fast. But I can't wait to have a real conversation with her. She can speak a little right now, but not enough to really talk. :) She speaks more Hungarian, but she can speak Malay and English. Most of the time she speaks her own baby language. Example, when she wants us to carry her, she would say, "mashaku, mashaku". LOL, her own word. We are quite worried that she might become confused. However, so far, okay. She loves to sing. For now she can sing the alphabet song all by her self. Quite good, though not in full, the ones she doesn't know she substitute them with La,la,la. When she is grown up she can brag, I start singing at two. LOL

For christmas, she received many presents this year. Even though she didn't understand why she received so many toys, she became confused and too excited from choosing which one she would play first. LOLAnd she had lots of fun with her cousins yesterday. Sometimes I do feel pity for her being an only child. No brothers or sisters to play with. Nevertheless, when we take her to the park, where there are other kids, she doesn't want to play together with them. She only likes her cousin sister who is 4 years older than her. She has got two younger bro and sis, so she knows how to take care of Bonnie too.K

Well I'm still tutoring. Nearly 3 hours a day. So I'm quite occupied and contented. The pay is good, the job's not difficult.At least I don't become bored to death staying at home.When I go tutoring, my mil will be taking care of Bonnie. She told me once, taking care of Bonnie is like taking care of 4 kids. Hyper? LOL. Sometimes.LOL Everything she wants to do on her own. If she really knows how to it's fine. But annoying really most of the time because for something that can be done in 5 minutes will be dragged to 10-15 minutes. Well, I know that's how children learns. Need to have more patience.That's all, otherwise, she's a good girl.

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