Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter will be here soon.

Easter is this Monday. Couple of days back we went and did some easter shopping. New clothes and chocolate bunnies, lambs, ducks and eggs. You can read here of my old post about Hungarian Easter we celebrated last year.

Few of the chocolates we bought. Not only for Bonnie, but for the other cousins. If they come. Last year they didn't. If they don't come this year too, then Bonnie will have more. Have more places to search for them then. Last year we didn't do the hide and search of the Bunny and egg chocolates. But this year I would want to since Bonnie is bigger. Oh... I'm excited even thinking of how excited Bonnie would be looking for them! :) That's the good thing about being a parent.

Still cold here, but the flowers are starting to bloom. Some already have. Give it a couple of weeks or so, this place will be full of blooming flowers. Those flowers up there are jasmines? I don't know,but they are white and have very strong sweet smell. Just reminds me of jasmines.


comey_lote said...

I wonder how they celebrate Easter over here but Msian usually go for a short vacation. :-)

Syari said...

Should ask your dutch friends. :)

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