Monday, April 07, 2008

About today

The Public transportation in Hungary (BKV) was on strike today. So my husband worked from home. He takes the public transportation to work. Good thing that his job allows him to work at home. I like it better. Can have lunch together and don't have to wait for him to come back from work.
The weather was not good today. Been drizzling and raining and windy. Said that it will be bad weather for the entire week. Went out with Bonnie for a while, went to the shop to buy some things and on the way back we were caught in the rain. Had to take cover in the local library.
Bonnie loves being in the library since she likes the toys they leave for the kids and the hamster they have there. She loves browsing the books. I for one while looking at the book even thought of completing my Hungarian Language course (by myself) because of all the books that I would be able to read. I'm a sucker for romance novels and they have many. Only thing they are all in Hungarian. The local library here does not have anything in Hungarian. I would apply for a library card I guess just in case if Bonnie would like a certain book to take home and read. Doesn't cost much about 30 ringgit or 10 usd per year. Further I can use it in another library that might have English books.
Okay, got to go, need to be with Bonnie and watch the news on BBC. That's about all that I can watch these days. I'm following up on the Olympic torch journey, the anti-chinese government protest and the Zimbabwean Vote.

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