Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beautiful day.

Despite the weather forecast stating that today would be mostly cloudy, but it was sunny and warm. :) Took Bonnie out to go shopping for some small things at the grocery store and later on went for a walk and to the playground. Didn't bring my camera but I had my phone with me. So took pictures with my phone. So the pictures wouldn't be so clear and nice.

Came out looking like an eskimo. Thought it would still be cold, because other days even when the sun was out, it would be warm but when the wind blows you still get the chill.

Little imp, posed for me. Look at the flowers behind. Not so many yet. Many are still yet to bloom.

She and her ticktack. It's her favourite. It's like scooby snack for scooby doo. With tick tack you can ask her to do anything. If she refused to do something I would say, "Bonnie, do you want tick tack?" If she answers, "yes", I know I get her cooperation. LOL

Smiling happily after getting a dose of her tick tack.

She loves flowers so much. Every flower patch we came across we had to stop and smell them or she would pick them. Here she was caressing her cheek with a small flower. Imagine, since it is Spring now and so many flowers around, how many times we had to stop and admire the flowers. LOL She would go, "yaiii... nagyon édes a virág" (oh so sweet the flower) I think she's going to grow up being a romantic.

Later went to the park because it is just one block away from our place.

Many kids. I think from a nearby school. The teachers sometimes bring them here.

Bonnie playing at the sand box. She is cooking something for me here actually. Later on saying it was rice and made me coffee too. LOL. When I pretended to eat it was funny that she said, "Vigyáz, panas sikit" (careful, hot a bit) and blew the sand for me. As if it were the real thing. :D She was saying the things I used to say to her when I gave her something to eat.

Played the swing. Sorry that's my finger there. LOL Went for a walk again nearby then came back home. Now she is sleeping. 20 minutes to 3 pm. I'm tired but still has things to do. Cook dinner later on.


comey_lote said...

she's really a sweetheart *kiss kiss

icey98 said...

great pics...

I always love seing the family pics on blogs. so cute.


Farah Deen said...

Spring is definitely showing it's colours! beautiful and Bonnie is as always sweet and pretty- even when dressed like an eskimo! :)

Bonnie suka ticktack ye? Syabil lak, he loves his fruit drops- those sweets are everywhere, in my study drawer, in my handbag- janji bila dia mintak, i ada stock...:)

Syari said...

Comey, thanks. :D

Syari said...

Tina, thanks. I love to see the family pictures on your blog too. :D

Syari said...

Farah, kalau boleh ini Bonnie, sekali gus dia makan ticktack sampai habis. Not good for her appetite ngan gigi. Kalau cam syabil tahu when to stop eating tak pe lagi. He he he.

een said...

manisnye bonnie..bertambah kiut bile die cakap hungary + bm...ish..ish..

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