Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bonnie's Language Development.

Read somewhere that, when a child learns more than one language at one time, she or he will get confused for a while and might discourage them from talking in some cases. For Bonnie, she is talking. A lot. Sometimes we wished that she came with a switch so that we can switch her off once in a while. I suspect many parents would share the same wish sometimes. LOL Though, she speaks more Hungarian than any other, but she uses Malay and English words sometimes. Funny thing is she began to mix Hungarian with Malay or English.

When something is very hot she would say, "nagyon panas", nagyon in Hungarian, very. Panas in Malay, hot. Or "This is enjem" For this is mine. LOL. Currently she likes to point out things that are hers. Even if they are not but she likes them, they're hers. :D Cute. I think this is a nice period. Listening to her talking, talking to her and she understands and we can understand what she is saying.

Today, for the first time I took her with me while doing some errands. Went to the post office then to the shopping mall. All the while she sat nicely, hold hands when walking. I was really proud of her. For the first time, going out beyond the 1 km radius from the house, and I didn't get frustrated in the end. What an accomplishment I feel. LOL

Next, I would like to see her focus more on trying to learn. :D I'm beginning to ask too much, don't I? Just hoping.


icey98 said...

nice blogspot.

I like your sunflowers and your title description phrase

Thanks for stopping by my place.


noamee said...

let's her talk a lot syari...she's start to learning something!!.

give my hugs to her..muuuahhh.

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