Monday, April 14, 2008

Cold weather and dry skin.

I have been suffering from dry skin for a very long time. But somehow quite under control when I use lotion and the right kind of cleanser. But it got worse after I had my daughter. And the worst is when I am here in Hungary, especially, in the cold months. I was advised not to bathe frequently, even if I do bathe, not too long and not with very warm water. They make my skin worse. But, to tell frankly, I can't go without bathing and I can't bathe without warm water here. :(

I have tried using many kind of lotions but nothing seemed to work. If it is not rich enough, my skin gets dry fast after it got moisturized. If I use the very rich kind of lotion, I get break outs since I think they clog the pores. Later I tried olive oil and I think it works great. But just a bit on the too oily side. The fact that I have sensitive skin makes it harder for me to overcome the dryness problem. Though not so serious like eczema, but dry nevertheless.

I read online about natural products to try out. So recently I just ordered from UK's ebay, a cream made from Goat milk from Nature's recipe. Good for dry skin, and eczema. You can check to read about their products. I have tried Goat Milk soap back in Malaysia and it worked great. Based on this past experience on Goat milk product I ordered this one. I'm waiting for it to arrive and I will tell how it works when I have the chance to try it.


comey_lote said...

Ida guna olive oil!
sabun susu kabing ida tak leh pakai!
yg murah takleh,yg mahal pun tak leh!pernah pakai yg brand agak glemer la time uh,Belina.. breakouts teruk gila!sbb ida ada sinus kalau minum susu kambing takpe..
slurppp sedapnya susu kambing

Syari said...

Olive oil bagus, cuma tu lah, kalau kat bahagian badan guna leh lah. Kalau kat kulit muka, naik jerawat. Dulu guna sabun susu kambing hok murah jek. ekekeke tp lembut lah gak kulit lepas cuci. Yang akak beli ni, dia kata buat dari fresh milk, dia punya benefit lagi bagus dari produk yg guna susu kambing powder.

Sedap ya susu kambing? susu unta pernah minum dak? LOL akak dua2 pun ta pernah minum. :D saja je tanya.

comey_lote said...

susu unta tak pernah minum ekekeke..

susu lembu fresh pernah minum tak? ida pernah...sedap!!!!

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