Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Missing my Malaysian Sundays.

Just as the title. I'm missing my Malaysian Sundays. Why Malaysian Sundays? Today is not a Sunday, but I'm thinking of how nice it was.LOL. Further I just remembered what my husband said while we were taking a walk last Sunday. He said, "I feel homesick". Funny that he is a Hungarian and we are in Hungary but he is homesick for Malaysia!

He said, he misses the "roti canai", the "dosai masala" the walks in the Park early in the morning together. After an hour or an hour and a half we would start heading back home. But on our way, we would always stop to get a dose of our morning "roti canai", "teh tarik", and "dosai masala". Ate, chit chat a bit while digesting, then head back home. Yup nearly every Sunday. Plain simple. Here even though it is just the same perhaps, but I just don't know why it seems like life if so much easy going in Malaysia. Even my husband said, Malaysian lifestyle has "no rush". Something which he was totally annoyed of when he first went to Malaysia. Every thing done at a slow pace he would complain. But as he got used to it, he liked it. Even he misses that kind of life. It is very addictive. LOL

Oh well, this is what we got right now. We won't be here forever, that's the only comforting thought that I will always want to keep.


comey_lote said...

juga, kedai suma buka kat msia on sunday mahhh...sini byk tutup mahh...tutup awal plak tuh...kita bukak sampai kul 10 tiap hari

een said...

true..syari,when it comes to foods,i bet no place can beat M'sia...wooo..i miss teh tarik, roti canai, tosei,capati..tooo..huhuhu..

Farah Deen said...

Syari....yeah, cute je your husband saying he's homesick when he is in his home land! well, maybe there's this attraction about Malaysia kan...but yes, I do love the food here surely. Surely I will miss all these food if I were abroad too.

Eh, you don't plan to be there forever ye? That's nice, and it's great that your hubby wants to retire in Malaysia. Senang sikit Syabil...hahahahahaha

Syari said...

Comey, Betul... dah lah takde seven eleven. ekekeke memang kena pastikan tak leh lupa beli barang. :D Tp nasib ada supermarket dekat yg bukak hari Ahad.

Syari said...

Een... I miss teh tarik, roti canai, dosai, capati... tooooooo hu hu hu... tp sebenarnya boleh buat kalau nak buat. Malas jek. lol lagi pun kedai mamak punya lagi sedap dari buat sendiri.

Syari said...

Farah, ayat last tu tak tahan wa.. sempat lagik tuh ekekeke.

No, we don't plan to live here forever. We plan to go to singapore.To pun after sometime lah. Nengok everything alright sini. Tgk nenek dia camana semua.Anyway, Singapore kan nearby my family kat JB. Kalau nak kerja kat Malaysia, most of the jobs are in KL. Susah nak balik JB. But better lah dari kat sini ya tak.

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