Sunday, April 13, 2008

My 2 year old driving me nuts!

Well, sometimes she does drive me nuts. Feel like picking her up sticking her up on the wall like in the picture.

Her new habit of saying "ez enyem" or "this is mine" on anything that she likes is hers. My lipstick, my high heel shoes, my bag, my purse, my clothes, my place on the bed, the chips that I was eating and other things. It was cute. At first. Then started to get really annoying, when not only saying that those are hers, seems like she really meant it. Grabbing them hard, or crying when I try to lie down on the bed. Grrrr.... Believe me, having to fight for even the things you own, with a 2 year old are not that easy.

I know it is just the age. Just hope that this phase would go fast. LOL.


Farah Deen said...

Syari, I know what you mean. Syabil dulu when he was smaller, there were times he did things similar to that. Anyway, it's just a phase, it will go off soon surely! kelakar jugak actually kan? :) She's cute! :)

comey_lote said...

kesian budak dlm gambar tuh, tp lagi kesian kat itik dia..tak pasal2 kadi mangsa keadaan kakakakaa

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