Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pictures from today.

I took Bonnie for a walk in the morning. She has a lot of energy I just don't know where from she gets them. She ran around and I had to follow, just in case if she would suddenly run for the road. Sometimes she does that. With her I think I need another 2 pairs of legs and 4 more pairs of eyes. LOL

A big "aa" for the camera

Digging out a bug.

Blowing dandelions. Hungarians call dandelions "Kutya tej". Dog's milk flower. Don't ask me why.

Picking small flowers. She likes the tiny ones for some reason. Maybe because they are cute. These pictures are not so clear. Taken with my phone. I think maybe I need a phone with better camera since I don't take my camera along all the time but prefer to use my camera on my phone.


Farah Deen said...

oh so sweet! she love those dandelions because they 'fly' in the air I guess. and the little flowers- they are just sweet and pretty like her! :)

Syari said...

yup, sampai habis dia scan tanah cari dandelion yang boleh di tiup gitu. :D

comey_lote said...

so cuteeeeeeeeeeee. agaknya kalau ida peck dia kat pipi dia tampar tak...ekekeke

Syari said...

Ida, dia ni pemalu. Tp hati lembut.:D Tak pukul org. :) Dia kasi cium punya. Siap bagi flying kiss lagi. :D

Farah Deen said...


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