Friday, April 25, 2008

Preparing Bonnie for Kindergarten.

Here, Kids around the age of 3 normally sent to Nurseries or kindergartens. Unlike in Malaysia, only at the age of 5 or 6. Session starts every September, so this September we will send her to a kindy. Most probably for a few hours each day. Oh my, my baby has grown up! I can't help feeling a little sad. It's normal I know a child grows up.

Since now, that she has started to go potty, that is one load off the shoulders since they don't take kids who don't go potty themselves. I was rather worried a month back because of this.

Someone offered us to send Bonnie to a German kindergarten. Not really German, but they have German groups where they speak German.One of my pupil's parents' friend. She owns the place. Most probably we will take the offer if the offer still stands when the time comes. It would be very good for her since she can pick up her fourth language. We don't mind, since the lady offered it free. LOL So double benefit.

Time flies so fast. Before I know it, she'll start going to highschool! Thinking of it makes me feel old. LOL NOT!!


Farah Deen said...

yeay! that's great for Bonnie. I only plan to send Syabil for his kindy at 4 years plus, not now.

It's great you are sending her to a german kindy, she'll have the advantage of speaking german too- how cool? hungarian, german, english and malay! laku giler menantu ku nanti!!!!

Syari said...

Farah, here usually they send earlier. Further dia sorang je, so better get her to socialize kat kindy. Cam syabil, ada adik.

He he he... yup would be nice if she can speak all those languages. Susah le syabil nak maintain kedudukan. LOL

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