Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday evening pictures.

My dh had to work on Saturday, which was yesterday. Since next week is Labour day. So no work on Friday, they exchanged it with yesterday. So 4 days holiday for him next week. :) Nice to have him at home. The only thing is, he has to work on those 4 days! LOL Pity him. But not for his company but his own business.

Took Bonnie out for a walk in the evening. Here are some pictures taken then. Oh my sweetie pie. She looks like a kindergarten child.

Pointing out to a bird she saw. I have a nature lover for a daughter. She would look at a leaf and say "néz csak. Jajde édes a levél" (Look at this, such a sweet leaf) and hug the leaves. LOL Oh goodness. Such an innocent child. :)

The bird is on the tree. Can you spot it? :D


In this video she was enjoying her tiktak and singing "hey diddle diddle" :)

Which direction is Malaysia? :D

Picking some flowers to take back home.

I tricked her for this picture. LOL She wouldn't look at the camera. So I said, "Bonnie, Tiktak!" She looked and asked "Hol?" (where?) That's when I snapped. LOL

She doesn't like her picture taken sometimes. That's why so hard to get her to smile on the pictures. Sometimes she runs away. Naughty baby.


Farah Deen said...

love this entry. Syari, Bonnie is tall! mcm you or mcm daddy dia? she will be a great model la dah besar nanti. :)

love the way she held the leave and say it's beautiful. adusss...sungguh european la anak kamu! kat malaysia ni, takde nyer nak kata mcm tu. I guess, we don't appreciate nature as much here.

looks like Bonnie had a great day out at the park, and she would love it more when her daddy is at home on the 4 days break. Mommy dia pun mesti suka tu! :)

een said...

same like my dotters la syari,at time dorang mogok nak amik gambar..geram jer..jenuh panggil tp wat dek je..
ish..cute le i rasa mesti lagi cute bile die cakap hungary..
syari, i ade request..kalu u sudi..nak dengar bonnie speak live in hungary..ish..mesti happening ye..x sabar nak dengar.... ;)

comey_lote said...

muah muah...cute sweetheart!


Syari said...

Farah, glad you enjoyed this entry. Maybe in Malaysia, we have sun nearly all year round.People can enjoy nature anytime they want. When you have things everyday, you take it for granted.

Here, when it's winter usually you can't see these things. For very long time. Further, when it is Spring, things are rather nicer.

You have to go through the heavy storm to appreciate the sun.

Syari said...

Een, ada assignment ya. :D Okay insyaallah I will get her to speak in front of the camera. Not easy. Kita baru nak snap je, dia dah kata, "nem latom" tak nampak. Dia nak nengok gambar dia kita ambik. Adeh lah mana nak nampak org baru nak ambik gambar. Leceh tul. ekekeke

Syari said...

Ida, she sends her kisses to you too. :D

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