Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still cold.

This morning it looked very sunny but slightly windy. We went out in the evening. I thought it wouldn't be so cold.However, I thought about Bonnie that it is better to be warmer than cold. So dressed her up a bit more than just sweater. I was right, it was cold. Brrr... Even worse when the wind was blowing. One thing about living in colder climate country is this. We can never really know how to dress up. LOL. When the wind was not blowing sometimes it would be very warm but if suddenly the wind blows then really cold. In Malaysia, if it is warm, even the wind is warm.

Anyway, here are today's picture of little Bonnie.

At her favourite sand pit. Playing with the sand of course.

Biker girl.

Need bigger bike.

Went through the hole. Have to wash her jacket again today.

Hip hop style. Looks like a boy? :D

Anyway that's all the pictures for today!


een said...

cayala..bonnie,mmg cam hip hop boy?! :)

Farah Deen said...

she looks so cute and cool in those thick winter outfit! memang kalau angin tiba2 dtg sejuk kan sana, sini nak harap angin, angin pun panas! arghhh and I hate to sweat! that's why i hate outdoor activities here. in europe, nak outdoor activity pun nyaman and best jer.

p.s: itula sebab kena migrate! i pun takde la patriotic melampau pun. i love it where my family are- just like you mentioned!

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