Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another good day

Bonnie is sleeping with her daddy. My hb is the type of person who sleeps early. I'm the owl of the family. Sometimes I like to be up late at night. Ever since I was a teenager. It is not a good habit I know.

Anyways, so far, life has been calm and things went smoothly. The weather has been extremely good that my mood was really good too. Windows can be opened all day long to let in the breeze go through the place. In winter the whole place closed up to keep in the warmth. Only opened the windows occasionally. I really love Spring since the temperature is just right. Like early mornings in Malaysia. Not too cold, not too hot.

Below is a video taken last Sunday. Bonnie didn't like me to take pictures or shoot videos. She said she wanted to walk. Baby with attitude. LOL She was looking for a cat. Cica pronounced tsitsa is cat. Keresunk cica - we look for the cat. :D The baby in the stroller is her favourite baby doll. Emma baba.



een said...

mak ai..cute nye...mmuah2 to bonnie & her mommy..gee..thanks..pretty hard effort huh?

Farah Deen said...

Syari, you know why you can't decide on a title? because you can't praise your own child by saying 'oh, look, my girl is so cute' but that's what the TITLE SHOULD BE.

CUTE tersangat Ya Allah...her words....oh gosh, she's so anak orang putihhhhh!!!! I love the way she talks, and the way she is walking with that little dolly bag around her neck and the baby stroller...ya allah...memang geram sangat la Syari. She looks like a big girl, and she's soooooo cute! gosh, how many times have I mentioned cute here ha??

but really, she's a gem, and esok esok ni, jangan letak hantaran tinggi2 sangat tau, kesian Syabil. hahahahahhaha

comey_lote said...

akakakaka...kemain tolak stroller dolly...akakakaka...akakakaka

spectacularwave said...

God, I just love Bonnie! tak pernah puas tengok her photos or VC..

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