Thursday, May 08, 2008

Another beautiful day.

Weather is really good these 2 days. Here's a picture of Bonnie preparing to go out to the park to play. The playground on a weather like this is always full. Sometimes with people whom we never seen before. Most probably came from some other place. Either came visiting or passing by. Then there are kids whom we only see Spring and Summer time. Autumn and winter nearly never seen. Came out from hibernating maybe. LOL.

I'm going to tutor again the little boy. Haven't been there for more than a month. Maybe already 2 months? So will go there twice a week again. Friday and Saturday. Which means both Friday and Saturday I will be extremely busy. LOL Friday, with the little boy and another adult student. On Saturday, the little boy and theres the girl and sometimes another adult student.

I have to get some things done and go out with Bonnie. :)

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Farah Deen said...

oh, she looks so prepared and ready for the park! i can imagine how full the park is in this time of the year. it is great right? Apa Bonnie buat normally in the park? walking? or play at the play ground?

sini takde la nak jalan pergi park. kalau ada park pun, petang dekat nak senja baru pergi sebab otherwise panas! :) habis sangat, jalan dalam shopping malls je la! LOL

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