Thursday, May 22, 2008

Been in a good mood.

I've been in a pretty good mood past few days. :p Not that I'm saying I wasn't in a good mood before, but extra happy. Most probably because the weather has been extremely good. Not to hot and not to warm. Nice occasional rainy days.

I also have made amends with my mil. Well not that we argued, just misunderstanding. Not really sit and talk but just let things be. So Bonnie now spends some time with her and I have more space for myself for an hour or two a day. We do need a little bit of privacy sometimes.

Another good news is that, with all the work my husband had to do at his work place, he was offered a raise. Most probably because they are afraid he would pack and go. In Hungary, you can find English speakers but not that common to find someone who are Hungarian and speak English well. So for the company he is something of an asset. Here it is like that, since not many can really speak English, if you speak English it is a plus point. Nevertheless the not so good news is he will have to work harder. LOL. Oh gosh... nothing is ever perfect.
But at least I feel blessed and grateful.

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