Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some people come to my blog looking for sex. WTF?

I am using statcounter to track from where people are coming from and how they found my blog. I can never really figure out this one. I wrote about this a couple of years back. Maybe in 2005? If you search my archive you might find it. People were directed to my blog through their searches like below.

Jepun sex - Japan sex

cari kawan sex - direct translation (searching friend sex)

erotic stories blog.

If once in a while not so bad. I laughed when I saw first. These are just a few example.Now it is so frequent I can not help but wonder how this kind of searches would be directed to this blog? Erotic stories blog?? Funny but annoying. Anyways, now that I have written about it here, most probably will get directed more, so to those who came here through searches like that, since they search using malay, I'll say something in malay.

"Woi!! tarak kerja lain ka??? Tak senonoh tol!"


Farah Deen said...

hehehe memang kelakar giler! entah kat mana nak jumpa benda diorang cari in your blog.

comey_lote said...

Akakakaka...diorg pakai google ke?

een said... ke syari?ish..takot no..mmg dorang ni tarak keje la ni..

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