Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random talk.

Bonnie is finally taking her nap. So finally I can get something done. :) Converting my videos and cleaning up the kitchen. I did mention about the visit to Gyöngyös. Click here to read about it. Wrote about it on my other blog.

The days sure are passing by quite quickly I feel. Today is already Wednesday. Weekends I will have to go off tutoring again. I'm not complaining. Rather happy actually to start teaching the boy, Tomi again. Further, ever since he showed improvement, I'm more motivated. :D The mother even increased the hourly rate. I'm thankful for that too. More pocket money for me. :D I sometimes give malay lessons to the parents since they go to Malaysia every year, and perhaps one day retire there.

I think life is just good at the moment. No stress. Take care of the house, my daughter, work is flexible, can just stop for a while and be with my daughter anytime I want and on the other hand, earn some pocket money. :)

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