Thursday, May 15, 2008

Toys every where.

Is it just me or is it every parent of a two year old would go through this? I looked around the house, there would always be a small toy or bits and pieces of something that used to be part of a toy, somewhere on the floor, in the corner etc.. I would be thinking "I thought I put that thing in the box". I got so tired of the small bits and pieces sometimes I don't even think of picking them up and just vacuum them together when I clean up.

Play doh is a no no. Even though my husband would want to buy some new ones for Bonnie to play with, I would say NO!!! She would make them into small marbles and let them lie all over the floor. The irritating part is when ever I want to clean up her mess, she would be angry. Didn't like me picking up things where she puts them. Grr, sometimes had to fight. She's a real fighter cock! LOL.

Even when I go to bed, she sleeps with us most of the time, I would find myself lying on some of her toys. I would break into a laugh but couldn't help feeling so helpless. LOL I just hope she would be less messy soon. :D

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Farah Deen said...

Syari, same here. i always find myself pinking up little things under the cushion, under the table or shelves. sometimes, my mom would nag at me. play doh is a no no for me too. i dont want to see syabil making small balls and lekat kat the walls.

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