Saturday, June 14, 2008

Calm day.

Bonnie just fell asleep. In the morning her daddy took her out, while I did the cleaning and prepare for lunch. Today's lunch was left overs from yesterday. I usually cook a lot one time. But only 2 adults and 1 baby to finish them. I for one, do not eat much. Neither do Bonnie. So only my husband will have to finish up the food most of the time. No wonder men seems to grow sideways after they got married and have kids. :P

Anyway, books I ordered 2 weeks ago arrived. My hubby was kind enough to collect them at the post office yesterday. Started reading on one of the five. I am going to finish reading it by tonight from the look of it. :D I can read quite fast. Novels that is. If I need to remember facts then it would take me longer. Further the novels only have about 300 pages. No sweat. So at least for this week I'll be busy reading when ever I can. I love historical romance. :)

Now time to do some work, then continue my reading again. I'm so engross with the story, I just do not want to lose the thread. :D


Farah Deen said...

i love stories like this too- i just commented on the same entry in your other blog. btw, yeah i agree with you about men growing sideways after they are married. LOL

Syari said...

Feel like ordering some more books. Though it is really expensive, the postage.

Unfortunately women also grow sideways too after marriage. LOL. I have the tendency too. But somehow now not so bad since not in malaysia I don't eat much of my own cooking. So faham2 lah. If go to eat outside, hu hu hu... sama naik laki bini.

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