Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crazy temperature

I came back from tutoring not long ago. Bonnie went to the Zoo with her grandmother and she is there at her place now. So I have a little privacy. Don't know whether I would go and pick her up soon or not. Maybe wait till the grandmother sends her back. :p I know Bonnie, I would have to stay there for a few minutes which I don't want to.

The weather is really crazy I feel. For a Malaysian like me who hates cold. He he he. The sun is out. When you are out in the sun, it is warm, but just as you go somewhere shady, it's cold. At least for me. I was having a slight headache because of the change in temperature all the time. Unlike in Malaysia, when it's hot, it's hot. Even in the shade you won't feel so much of a difference.

If it doesn't make me feel sick I wouldn't mind. But it does. I really dislike this kind of weather. Why can't it make up its mind to be cold or to be hot? LOL I know it's an absurd request. Just ranting.

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