Sunday, June 08, 2008

Day went well

My husband's torn muscle is starting to heal. He can walk better now. Can hear him scream once in a while when Bonnie pounced on his leg. LOL. Instead of going to PestLorincs.His father and his wife came to us. We cooked together. My father in law and I that is. Bonnie was extremely friendly with them. She was not as shy as before. Even with my father in law's wife, Kati. Seeing how friendly and easy to manage Bonnie was, Kati told me that she and my father in law would like to take Bonnie for an excursion at the Budapest zoo. Well, they can try. :D

After lunch, dear husband and his father had a chat while trying to put Bonnie for a nap, I went for a walk with Kati. I can go along with her somehow better than with my mil. Well, with my mil the biggest gap maker is the language. She's a physics lecturer that's why she can speak English. We were out, chit chatting for nearly an hour.

We went back to see Bonnie was already sleeping. DH and his father chit chatting. More chit chatting and they left at nearly 7 o'clock in the evening. Bonnie was still sleeping then. Though I was a little tired, but I enjoyed their company. Enjoyed speaking with another person who speaks English. :)


een said...

well, enjoy ur company least got someone to turn to..and perhaps another shoulder to cry on..

Syari said...

Yup een, was nice once in a while to chat with someone else in a language you understand. :D

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