Friday, June 27, 2008

Planning for Balaton.

My husband asked me "where would you like to spend the summer?". I said jokingly "Disney land, or at any Orlando vacations theme parks.". He said, "dream on" and continued, "why not visit my aunt in Balaton?" I said, "do they have a themepark there?" LOL. Well, we plan to go there. I already warned my husband no work. But who knows, even last weekend when we came back from the weekend house he had to work from night till morning. Craazzzyyyy.

Truth be told, I really am looking forward to go there since we've been talking about it a lot. You see, Hungary is a landlocked country. No sea. Only rivers and Lake Balaton. The Hungarians are so proud of this lake that they consider it like a Hungarian sea. The lake is actually enormous. So in a way, can be like a sea. :D

Just look at it, looks like a sea eh?

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Farah Deen said...

oh yeah Syari, that lake surely is huge enough to qualify as sea! and I am sure Hungarians regard it as the sea too. Have fun there.

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