Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A random picture I took on my way to tutor. I have started tutoring since the time I came to Hungary. A few weeks after I came. More than a year already. I only have 3 occasional 4, but even that sometimes difficult for me to slot in my time. Not because I do not have time, but being with Bonnie.

Teaching those who understand mostly Hungarian can be a difficult task. Teaching this one boy in particular, I had to muster my patience. And being patient isn't one of my strong points. A couple of month ago, I did contemplate on not teaching him anymore. But for a 2 hour job, teaching him how to read and write, easy money. But making him to sit and read and write is hard job. Overly pampered I would say. He has everything he wants, why must he think of working for something. If something is a little bit difficult he refuses to do.

How pampered? At one occasion, when his father was showing a couple of his friends photos of their recent trip to Bali, in came this child to ask the father whether he could watch T.V. Yup, I was there. The deal was, 1 hour learn and play, (playing, watching tv, other activities, but must be in English, the speaking part here) 1 hour sit down, read and write. So the father and his friends were in the living room, he squeezed some tears, whined saying he wanted to watch tv. Then the father said, wait till he's finished and asked this child to go up to his room and do something else. So we did something else for that one hour. Next week, when I went again, guess what? He got his own flat screen 21" plasma tv in his bedroom. Complete with cable tv. LOL Some kids would have got a slap instead. Though, no doubt he is a little spoilt and I get pissed off at times, but there are times he can be such a sweet boy. Kids are sometimes like that. To be honest, the last 1-2 months I didn't go and tutor him, I did miss him.

Occassionally the parents do take Malay lessons from me. Feel honoured to teach people the Malay language. Why they rather learn Malay than English, is beyond me. But, hey, they're the one who's paying.

Everything seems good I feel. At least there is something to do, rather than just be at home and do nothing.

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nisha said...

Omg.. the boy is really pampered. his parents give into everything he demands..

Sometimes naughty kids are missed too!:)

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