Saturday, July 19, 2008

Caught in the rain

Today, the three of us were walking back home from the shop, not to far about1 km away, when it started to rain. At first there were only a few big drops, then before we know it, it began to rain heavily. DH was carrying Bonnie and I was carrying the bags. We had to shelter by a doorway of an apartment. Half drenched. I volunteered to run home to fetch the umbrellas. Not even a few seconds out in the rain I was drenched. Not particularly romantic like in the Hindi movies.

Ran home, in 2 ticks changed into dry t-shirt and grabbed 2 umbrellas. When I was running out, I opened one of the umbrellas. Guess what? It turn full up. Thought the it was spoilt, I was wet again and had to repair the darn umbrella. Managed to repair it. Then went to where those 2 were taking refuge from the rain. They look like 2 slightly wet puppies from far. Ha ha ha. Pity them. I was wet too despite the umbrella.

What do you know, when I reached them, the rain began to drop tiny droplets. Wasn't as bad as the time I ran home. Gosh, that's it. Never go out without an umbrella, even if the sun shine as if it never gonna rain for a million years.

Perhaps, that was how the old Malay saying came about, "Sediakan payung sebelum hujan." Prepare an umbrella before it rains. Though the saying actually meant for, preparing yourself for the inevitable, but literally it is an advice worth taking heed. :D


Farah Deen said...

when it rains with strong wind, the best is to use a water proof jacket or rain coats. umbrellas don't really work with strong wind.

een said...

i pon penah experience the same kt sini,angin punya la kuat time ujan,bukak je payong habis sume ke atas...dah la baru beli tenion jer..kuikui.. :D

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