Friday, July 25, 2008

Funny moving tips.

Here are a few pictures I collected throughout the net of moving tips at the sides of moving trucks. I saw one, loved it, and thought I would find more. So far, here is what I have collected. Yes, some of them are real funny, but there must be a legit reason to all these tips you know. :)

Must have happened to somebody's poor little brother.

I know my husband does this. I mean cursing at heavy furnitures.

So, true... :D

I know how it feels like to not popping bubble wraps when you know you wanted to do so, so much.

Who would in the right mind do such a thing?? :)


Farah Deen said...

those moving tips are really cute and hilarious! i love them. i think we all do all of those at one point or another kan. kalau dulu sayang je furniture tu, bila kena pindah je, furniture yg sama kena maki. hahahahha

Maan said...

hahaha! funny! yet practical and very true.

susylee said...

I found one more...

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