Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jolly good day.

I had a jolly good day yesterday. :D Not because I received anything or went anywhere. Just that I had the entire day all to myself! For being a mommy for nearly 3 years, it was the first time that I have the entire day to myself. :) Bonnie was up with her grandma. Her grandma is active with local politics. She is working for the district election. For 2 days she wont be taking care of Bonnie so that's why she spent the whole day with her.

I can always ask her to take care of Bonnie actually, but I just don't feel it right. Further I do not want to get used having people take care of my daughter too long.

Anyway here are a few postings regarding the last 2 weekend. :)

1 comment:

een said...

hahaha...mmg best ek got time for ourselves..nak2 dpt pampered kan diri ngan massage ke,shopping therapy ke or simply having a good undisturb sleep..(sigh)

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