Monday, June 30, 2008

Patient or just lazy? :-p

These few days, I had no mood to update my blogs or even go on browsing much. All because of the slowness of both the laptop and the pc. I blamed it on the internet connection, dh said it was because of the lack of memory. Said I've installed all sorts of crap. Told me to get PC and laptop memory. Though I disagree with him that it was due to the lack of memory, but I have to admit I have all sorts of things on them. LOL So what he said may be true.

Last time, the guy student came to the house and I wanted to show him something on my pc and it was loading super slow, that he called me "patient Asian lady". Ha ha ha. My patience is running thin now. :D But still lazy to go and check for the memory. Maybe I will just do it this weekend. ;)

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comey_lote said...

Did he really mean that?ahaks

comey_lote said...

Did he really meant that?ahaks

Syari said...

No. He was teasing me. It was really very slow. LOL

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