Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yes, I am back.

Hi! I am back from a week long holiday. It was refreshing, and was a great change. We got back on Saturday afternoon. Came back to find that we don't have internet connection. T-com went and disconnect the service. No, not because we didn't pay, it was because we changed the package. They got confused and disconnect it. I don't have to be there to know, I guess it is a job of more than one person. It is always like that when you have too many people doing the same thing. Anyway, no connection still, but we could get connection from another account. Hope they will get things resolved soon.

Now that we are back into doing our daily activities, it seemed like a dream that we went to Balaton. LOL As if we never left for anywhere. Oh well...

I made a post regarding the vacation here. Will post a continuation soon.

1 comment:

een said...

good that u r back..can't wait to see ur photo in Balaton..cepat post ok..

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