Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ain't easy teaching.

This week I have been going to tutor nearly everyday. The boy is having a cold, and now I think I have caught the cold from him. Just great!

School starts next week here in Hungary. The boy will have 5 hours of English lessons a week at school starting this semester. 6 hours of English lessons with me maybe more sometimes. I think he learns most from me. :P

I was rather happy today when I was teaching him to read. He was attentive and read well. Well enough than other days. I was proud of him. :) Though other days, I felt like pulling my hair. LOL I managed to make him read. Only need to make him write.Happily that is. Wow, now that's a real "task" for me. Stubborn as a mule. On Tuesday I asked him to write 6 words. 6 short words!! And it took me half an hour trying to coax him. In the end I had to say, "I am going to tell your mom if you don't do this". That's the only thing that moved him. But don't tell me I have to threaten my way to make him write? As if threatening a 2 1/2 year old is not enough for me. :P Yes, I admit I threaten my 2 year old, "you want to get scolded?" That get her going most of the time. For now. Once that threat wears off I'm in trouble.

I'm just glad at the moment, I have "two" small headaches. :) I am teaching Bonnie to read too using phonetics. Can read something about it in my blog dedicated for her at

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