Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ganbatte Kudasai!

Well the title is a Japanese word for something like "Good Luck". Yes, I'm telling that to myself. Ever since I got the guitar last Saturday, now I cannot feel the tips of my four left hand fingers. They are sore, but it's good because I cannot feel the pain anymore when I practice playing.

To tell frankly, I have once tried learning the guitar when I was like 17-18. But that time, to learn alone may not be so easy since there was not many source on the internet like it is now. I gave up on playing. Now, it is so, so easy to learn something actually. Because of the many articles, video tutorial and such that you can find online. I remember it was hard to learn the chords because I have no idea where my fingers should be. So much easier that I can see videos or pictures that show where I should position them to make playing easy.

Yesterday, I started playing "Leaving on a jetplane" song. It is one of the songs that beginners should learn because there's only 3 chords needed. What better way to practice if not through songs? It is motivating when you can finally hear something that you are playing resembling a song. :P

That's it for now. Instead of writing a full review of NC health insurance, I post about my guitar playing. :P

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